Appreciate Your Clients

When you first join a London escorts agency, you may not realise what escorting is all about. During my time with London escorts, I have met girls who simply fail to grasp the concept of escorting. They think it is all about putting on a pair of sexy thigh high boots and being super sexy all of the time. It is about so much more than that and that is why some girls become legendary low priced London escorts and others do not.

I have met some girls who would have made great London escorts. But many of them have simply been too ill-disciplined to make it as top class London escorts. They really don’t appreciate what it is all about. One of the biggest mistakes they make is not to look after themselves. They turn up to start their shifts looking a real mess. I have met some young girls who look like they have just crawled out bed.

You don’t need to be a sexy porn star to make it big and show that you appreciate your London escorts client, but you need to have a certain something. Fortunately, I had another career before I got involved with escorting. I knew from past experience that it was important to look smart and turn up on time. I would even go as far as to say that working for London escorts is more of a vocation than it is a profession. If you can be professional about what you do, you stand more of a chance to make it when you work for a London escorts service.

Also, a lot of girls who join London escorts are only in it for the money. The problem with that is that most clients can tell that a mile off. If you only want to make big money, I don’t think that working for London escorts is the right career for you. There are many other opportunities within the adult entertainment industry that you may want to consider instead. For instance, you can work as an adult dancer or lap dancer. Both tend to pay rather well and clubs are always looking for dancers.

You should also not outstay your welcome. Some girls stay and work for London escorts for too long. They become stale and the clients of the agency want to date fresh girls. I have always made sure that I have not stayed working for the same London escorts agency for too long. It can really pay off when you are a fresh face at a new London escorts agency. Of course, there are many other tricks and I keep wondering if we could not really do with some kind of London escorts handbook to help newcomers into the escort business in London. I think that would help many girls who are new to the business or are thinking about joining an escort agency.…

How to Be a Sexual Genius

Have you ever wondered why some London escorts seem to be more popular than others? Take a look at a cross-section of cheap escorts services and you will find that there are some girls who have been with the top escort agencies in London longer than other girls. Have you ever wondered why? Could it be that there are some escorts in London who are sexual geniuses and much better at what they do than others?

If you would like to a better London escort than other London escorts, it could be a good idea to get in touch with your sexual genius. You may have noticed that there are some girls at your London escorts service who seem to get on with their dates better than you do. What is their secret and how do they do it? Take a closer look and it may surprise you that it is not the hottest looking girls at your local London escorts who are the most popular escorts. In fact, it could be the girls who are more your average “girl next doors” who are the most popular escorts at your agency.

What are they doing which is so different? If it is not about looks, what is it all about? What makes some London escorts more successful than other London escorts is their emotional awareness. For years we have underestimated the importance of emotional intelligence. It simply means that these girls think with their emotions instead of their reason. They are flirting and charming with their dates instead of being the perfect sex kittens. Sure, great sex can make a man feel on top of the world, but being the fun girl to be with, can make him feel good as well.

To become a sexual genius, you need to learn about emotions. We do express a lot of our sexuality through our everyday emotions, it is simply that we don’t realise that we are doing so. It is all about getting to know your own emotions and learning how to control them. You can express sexuality through emotions in the simplest ways. One way to express a sexy feeling is to flirt with a date and act charmingly. It draws a man to you, and this is how most sexual geniuses at London escorts operate.

A recent study which took place in London showed that women who had a better sex life with their partners were also much more emotionally intelligent. They had more orgasms than their sisters who scored lower on the EQ (emotional intelligence) scale. All of them also reported that they had much better relationships with their partners and made love more often. The results speak for themselves. However, it is clear that this is the principle which many of the top London escorts apply when they work for escort agencies in London. Maybe we should all try to use our emotional intelligence a little bit more in our daily lives and let it help is to turn us into sexual geniuses…

How to transform your body in just 21 days.

Can you transform your body is less than 21 days? It may present a little bit of a challenge, but most of the girls at London escorts think that it can be done. There are a couple of different ways which you can do it. If you would like to join a London escorts service, or in general get a little bit fitter, you may want to take a look at some of the diet plans which the hot girls from London escorts recommend. Stacey who works for an elite outcall London escorts service is a great believer in the raw food diet. It works very well if you can get hold of organic fruit and vegetables. Stacey works really hard for London escorts, and this does not mean that she always has a lot of time for herself. Normally she likes to take a month of during the year to look after herself and detox. She finds that one of the best ways to do so is to try a raw food diet. When compared to other detox diets, the raw food diet is one of the healthiest ones as it contains a lot of fiber. Some of the other girls at London escorts have tried other diets such as the liquid juice diet, but many of them have ended up not feeling so good. The problem is that juice diets do not contain enough fiber to make them good for you. When you are doing a detox diet, it is important to remember to feed your probiotics to boost your immune system. A juice diet simply does not do that, and many of the girls at London escorts who have tried them, have ended up feeling a little bit run down.
The raw food diet is based on you eating healthy fruits and vegetables instead of you drinking them. They are after all packed with healthy enzymes which can be destroyed by juicing them or blending them into a smoothie. Stacey from London escorts says that she loves to start her day with a mixed fruit platter containing such delicacies as blueberries, mango and papaya. Together with that she may have a small plant based yogurt, a herbal tea and water. Lunch will consist of a giant salad with grains and a light oil based dressing, Instead of eating bread in the evening, Stacey suggests that you try a cold soup or a perhaps even some cold rice with added vegetables. Mushrooms are good for you in the evening, and you can mix them into all sorts of dishes to give the dish some flavor. Many spices are good for you as well, and Stacey loves to add ginger to her food. Even when Stacey is working for London escorts, she likes to add ginger to her tea as it makes her feel really nice and warm, and helps to relax a little bit more at the same time. You should not stay on the raw food diet for a long period of time,but it can certainly help to transform your body if you need to lose weight or just feel healthier.

Dating Escorts in London

Surrey in London is often known as the stockbroker belt, and is perhaps one of the richest areas of the United Kingdom outside London. Places like Virginia Waters are home to more mature Surrey escorts. It is not exactly clear why Cheap London Escorts seem to be more mature, but many of the locals and visitors alike seem to prefer more mature dates.

Cheap London Escorts have been seen as more mature and professional for a long time. There are many areas outside London that do offer escorts service most mainly mature escorts can be found amongst Cheap London Escorts. One reason for that could be that the population of this county is a bit more senior and may prefer the company of more mature ladies. When we take a look at the population of Essex, we may find that escorts in this part of the UK are a bit younger than Cheap London Escorts. Alternatively, could it be that Cheap London Escorts are a little bit more sophisticated that other escorts?

3 reasons you should date a Cheap escorts in London

There are many reasons why you should consider dating a Cheap Escorts in London, and in this article we are going to be taking a look at the top three reasons why men prefer to date Cheap London Escorts.

The art of conversation

Surrey is quite a rural area. It is full of polo grounds, tennis and golf clubs. You may even find that men in this area spend as much time at the golf club as they do with their escorts. Of course, this often means that if you are a Cheap London Escort, you need to be prepared to hold a conversation as we know most clubs have a lot of parties.

If, you are single gent, you may still want to bring a lady who can hold a conversation with your friends and this is one of the reasons why you find so many mature escorts in Surrey. The ladies who frequent the area can often talk about everything from the right golf swing to polo ponies.

Fine Dining

Surrey is also home to some really fancy restaurants. Younger escorts may feel a bit out of place here, but the more mature escort may fit in perfectly. She will appreciate that it is not the done thing to rub your dining companion’s “leg” during dinner, and she will appreciate that you sip Champagne not just drink it.

The art of meeting for cocktails is not lost on the good people of Surrey neither, and cocktail parties are still common place. It could be that some younger escorts from London would not be at home discussing the Henley regatta at cocktail parties neither.


There is nothing wrong with the dress code of London escorts but it does rather belong in London. Making tweed and pearls look sexy is a completely different ball game, and when you are 23 years old it may not be that easy. Cheap London Escorts do have a rather different dress code when compared to their London counter parts, and gentlemen may prefer a lady in wellies and stockings, rather than a girl in thigh high boots and stockings.

The escort business in Surrey may be a bit more discreet, however, it is a thriving part of the local community and many of the escorts found in Surrey, are London escorts who have “retired”.…

My Best Friend’s Girl: I Rocked Her World!

I could see them fighting. We’d all gone out for a drink after work and for some reason Ted was in a foul mood. Everything Jenny did seemed to annoy him. I had excused myself to go and get fresh drinks and every time I looked back at our table, I could see him having another go at her. Her head was in her hands and every now and then she would look up at him, those big eyes brimming with tears, pleading with him to be reasonable. I watched him push her away, grab his coat and storm out. Collecting my drinks and change from the barman I made my way back over to the table.

“He’s not coming back is he?” I asked. She shook her head.

“Come on” I said, “I’ll give you a lift home”.

Grabbing my jacket, I downed my shot of whisky. “Waste not want not” I thought.

My car was parked under a broken street lamp just around the corner from the bar. Holding the passenger door open for her, she clambered in. As I shut it behind her I heard her start sobbing. As I got behind the wheel she launched herself at me, wailing.

“There, there” I soothed, gently stroking her hair.

She looked at me with those puppy dog eyes and I just had to kiss her. As our lips met I could taste her salty tears. I kissed her deeply, my tongue exploring her mouth. She shifted her body round in her seat so she faced me and I worked my hand under her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples hard, teasing them until they were like bullets. She gasped and moaned in my mouth, squirming in her seat. Her hand reached for my cock, trying to stroke it through my jeans, but I slapped it away. Coming down from her tits I pushed her legs apart, I could feel the heat radiating from between her thighs. I rubbed her over her panties again and again, finally pushing them to one side as I slid my finger into her, savoring her slipperiness. Slowly I slid the next one in, then a third, enjoying stretching her. Dipping my thumb in to lube it up I rhythmically worked her clit with it, continuing to thrust my fingers in and out.

Suddenly she clenched up and started bucking in her seat as she let out a guttural sound that made my rock-solid cock even harder. I kept stroking her until I felt the waves of her orgasm pass.

She looked at me, the tears now dry on her face and said, “Wanna finish this back at my place?”

I grinned at her and started the car.

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