How to Be a Sexual Genius

Have you ever wondered why some London escorts seem to be more popular than others? Take a look at a cross-section of cheap escorts services and you will find that there are some girls who have been with the top escort agencies in London longer than other girls. Have you ever wondered why? Could it be that there are some escorts in London who are sexual geniuses and much better at what they do than others?

If you would like to a better London escort than other London escorts, it could be a good idea to get in touch with your sexual genius. You may have noticed that there are some girls at your London escorts service who seem to get on with their dates better than you do. What is their secret and how do they do it? Take a closer look and it may surprise you that it is not the hottest looking girls at your local London escorts who are the most popular escorts. In fact, it could be the girls who are more your average “girl next doors” who are the most popular escorts at your agency.

What are they doing which is so different? If it is not about looks, what is it all about? What makes some London escorts more successful than other London escorts is their emotional awareness. For years we have underestimated the importance of emotional intelligence. It simply means that these girls think with their emotions instead of their reason. They are flirting and charming with their dates instead of being the perfect sex kittens. Sure, great sex can make a man feel on top of the world, but being the fun girl to be with, can make him feel good as well.

To become a sexual genius, you need to learn about emotions. We do express a lot of our sexuality through our everyday emotions, it is simply that we don’t realise that we are doing so. It is all about getting to know your own emotions and learning how to control them. You can express sexuality through emotions in the simplest ways. One way to express a sexy feeling is to flirt with a date and act charmingly. It draws a man to you, and this is how most sexual geniuses at London escorts operate.

A recent study which took place in London showed that women who had a better sex life with their partners were also much more emotionally intelligent. They had more orgasms than their sisters who scored lower on the EQ (emotional intelligence) scale. All of them also reported that they had much better relationships with their partners and made love more often. The results speak for themselves. However, it is clear that this is the principle which many of the top London escorts apply when they work for escort agencies in London. Maybe we should all try to use our emotional intelligence a little bit more in our daily lives and let it help is to turn us into sexual geniuses

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